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We believe every child in Philadelphia should have access to a great school. Our mission is to make information accessible so parents, guardians, and students can find, compare, and demand great schools.


About GreatPhillySchools
GreatPhillySchools is presented through the collaboration of several nonprofit partners, including the Philadelphia School Partnership, the Urban Affairs Coalition, and many more. It is free to use. We created this site so caring adults and students have the information they need to make informed decisions about where to enroll in school.

There is much information already here: including descriptions, maps and enrollment facts for more than 700 K-12 schools and early childhood programs; for the K-12 schools in particular, we include school performance data covering academics, safety, student engagement, graduation rates and college-enrollment rates. You also will find articles explaining the differences between types of schools and the factors families should consider when choosing schools. But the site is not now, nor will it ever be, complete. We will be working to improve it continuously. As more recent student performance data becomes available from schools, the city and the state, we will update the rankings on the site. We will keep adding more content as it becomes available and as our resources allow. Some of this content likely will come from you, the users of the site. Or it will be guided by you, based on your feedback and suggestions.

GreatPhillySchools works on any device through which you have internet access, including mobile phones. If you do not have internet access, you can use GreatPhillySchools at public establishments that offer free computer access: libraries, City recreation centers and other KEYSPOTS. If you need help finding a place to access GreatPhillySchools, please contact us.

In developing the site, we tried to base every decision on what parents want or need to know. Policy makers and school leaders use all kinds of school data in the course of managing schools and systems. While much of this data is available to the public, it often is presented in ways that are not user-friendly. Here, we have taken the same data that is used by policy makers and simplified its presentation so that users can more easily sort and compare schools. Still, users should avoid making snap judgments on any school based on a numerical rating.

The ratings on GreatPhillySchools can be used to identify schools that deserve a closer look. But before choosing to apply to a school, you should definitely take that closer look. Read all of the information on schools that is presented here, and then go visit or call the school to ask your own questions. On this site, on school profile pages, there is a link to every school's own website (if it has one). Keep in mind that every child has different learning needs, and so there is no one school that is best for every student.

Throughout the site, when you hover on key terms or the question-mark symbol [?], definitions of those key terms will pop up on your screen. Can't find a school? Try our search tips. For more detail on how we compiled the school ratings, go to Methodology.

Without question Philadelphia needs more great school options. But it has many, and some of these are not enrolled to capacity. We hope GreatPhillySchools will become a helpful tool for your family in finding the best school choices for you.