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More School Closings on Way

The School District of Philadelphia moved to close eight schools in 2012 and has projected that it will close up to 40 more in 2013 and beyond. Three charter schools are slated to close by fall 2013. And several Catholic schools closed in 2012 or were merged into nearby Catholic schools. Schools that are scheduled to close next year may still be listed on GreatPhillySchools, but users should know that these schools likely will not accept applications from new students.

These schools are slated to close next year, although two have filed appeals to stay open:

  • ARISE Academy (charter school)
  • Drew Elementary
  • FitzSimons High School for Boys
  • Harrison Elementary
  • Hope Charter School
  • Levering Elementary
  • Pepper Middle School
  • Philadelphia High School for Business and Technology
  • Truebright Science Academy Charter School
  • Rhodes High for Girls (will revert back to a middle school)
  • Sheridan West Academy

With so many schools expected to close in fall 2013, parents, students and guardians should be sure to identify backup school choices so that if their first-choice school closes, they aren’t left scrambling to find another high-quality option. It is expected that the School Reform Commission will publish a list of proposed school closings by December 2012.