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About GreatPhillySchools 

Our Mission 

We believe every child in Philadelphia should have access to a great school. Our mission is to make information accessible so parents, guardians, and students can find, compare and demand great schools.

GreatPhillySchools provides a number of resources to the Philadelphia community in service of our mission. Our resources include this website, high school and K-8 print guides, school selection workshops, text and email alerts, and school fairs.

In developing these free tools, we focus on what families want or need to know. Policy-makers and school leaders use all kinds of data in managing schools and systems. While much of this information is publicly available, it is often presented in confusing ways. We present this information so that you can more easily research and compare schools.

GreatPhillySchools is presented through the collaboration of several nonprofit partners, led by the Philadelphia School Partnership.

The Website

The GreatPhillySchools website contains program descriptions and contact information - as well as performance data covering academics, safety and student engagement - for more than 400 K-12 schools and more than 450 quality early childhood programs. You'll also find articles on how to apply to schools, available seats, and factors families should consider when choosing one. These articles are updated frequently to provide the most accurate information to families. 

Print Guides

GreatPhillySchools publishes an annual High School Guide and Elementary & Middle School Guide. Last year, we distributed over 90,000 guides throughout Philadelphia. These guides contain profiles of over 400 K-12 schools, as well as application timelines and tips and information about distinguishing between school and program types. Our guides are free and are regularly used by schools, libraries and community-based organzations.

GreatPhillySchools also publishes annual 'Before You Apply' toolkits and early childhood workbooks to help families find and choose a quality early childhood education program. 

Email us at info@greatphillyschools.org to order a free copy of any of our materials. 

Information and Deadline Alerts

We deliver school and enrollment-related news directly to families through email and text messaging. We can notify you when new seats become available and send you alerts about important deadlines and other crucial information to help you find the best school or early childhood center for your child.  

To receive information and deadlines alerts from us, text WEBSITE to 215-804-4545 and sign up here to be on our mailing list.  You can opt out at any time!


GreatPhillySchools offers free school selection workshops to schools, community-based organizations, early childhood centers and other groups throughout Philadelphia. In these workshops, we teach parents, families and school and community leaders how to use our resources and how to navigate the school selection process. 

Our workshops are free and we come to you! For more information, including how to schedule a workshop, email us at info@greatphillyschools.org

School Fairs

GreatPhillySchools is the proud host and lead sponsor of the annual Philly High School Fair, which takes place at the PA Convention Center. The Philly High School Fair draws over 12,000 attendees each year and is the only event in Philadelphia where prospective students and their families can meet with representatives from over 100 Phildelphia high schools from all sectors: district, charter and private. Admission is 100% free to families and school groups. 

GreatPhillySchools also co-hosts an annual Philly K-8 Fair with Children's Scholarship Fund for families with children entering Kindergarten through 8th grade. 

To stay up to date about our events, and to receive exciting information about new programming for fall 2017, text WEBSITE to 215-804-4545 and sign up here to be on our mailing list. 


Do you have questions about GreatPhillySchools or any of the resources we provide? Email us at info@greatphillyschools.org and a member of our staff will contact you. 

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