Understanding Special Education: Services Checklist

You can print this page to help you keep track of all the steps in the special education evaluation and enrollment process.

❒ Request an evaluation in writing.

❒ Pick up a Permission to Evaluate – Consent Form. Sign it and return it to the school.

❒ Talk to the school regarding concerns about your child.

❒ The school sends you the Evaluation Report within 60 calendar days (not counting summer months).

❒ If your child is eligible, meet with the IEP team to write an IEP. The school must set up the meeting within 30 calendar days of issuing the Evaluation Report.

❒ The IEP team (including you) decides what the program will be.

❒ The team decides what the placement will be.

❒ School delivers a NOREP/PWN to you explaining what is being offered to your child.

❒ Sign the form. Return it to the school within 10 calendar days.

  • You can check the box on the NOREP/PWN indicating that you agree or disagree with the proposed plan. If you disagree, you should choose the box for mediation or a hearing. Sign the form. Return it to school within 10 calendar days. Also write or call ODR to ask for mediation or a hearing.

❒ The school provides information on your child’s progress during the school year.

❒ The school holds an IEP team meeting at least one time a year. You can ask for another IEP team meeting any time if you have concerns or questions.

❒ The school reevaluates your child at least once every three years (every two years for children with mental retardation).

DISCLAIMER: This information, from the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania, provides a general idea of Pennsylvania and federal special education laws and should not be considered legal advice. For publications, videos, and other information on how to get help with education law questions, please visit www.elc-pa.org.

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